Consulting and customer service

You will always have our customer service lines, where you can make requests and inquiries about your elevator.

Servicio al cliente
Mantenimiento de ascensores

Preventive Maintenance

Nuestra garantía asegura la realización mensual de actividades, inspecciones y trabajos llevados a cabo por expertos profesionales, con el objetivo de mantener tu ascensor siempre disponible y seguro.

Además, implementamos un completo cronograma de mantenimiento anual, en el cual se incluyen actividades de rutina para cada una de las partes del ascensor, así como intervenciones específicas en componentes, según el programa asignado para ese mes en particular.

Emergency calls 24/7

You will have the security of having a 24/7 emergency call service that is always available, no matter what problem you have in your elevator.

Llamadas de emergencia

Maintenance plan

Control and ensure a risky monthly maintenance service.

Where in the course of two hours we will make a mandatory review of all the elements of securing and we will address a specific part or system of the elevator, dividing the maintenance of the equipment into four phases that will address and maintain the elevators of your building in optimal conditions , providing  are always available when you need them.

Program 1

Pit, shaft, lower cabin / 2 months

  • Elevator cleup
  • Regulator Weight Micro Electric Operation
  • Cleanup and review of deceleration limit, prefinal and final
  • Regulator Weight Lift
  • Regulator Weight Micro Electric Operation
  • Traction cable wear
  • General pit cleaning
  • Safety gear cleaning
  • Verification of tension in traction cables

Program 2

Landing doors, guide lubrication

/ 4 months

  • Elevator cleup
  • Adjustment of hall and cabin locks
  • Contact cleaning
  • Door guide check
  • Cleaning of jambs
  • Elevator door check
  • Cleaning and lubrication of slide and eccentrics.
  • Screw adjustment
  • Hall doors adjustment
  • Door flattening check
  • Cleaning and lubrication of cabin guides
  • Cleaning and lubrication of counterweight guides

Program 3

Operator, cab doors, roof

/4  months

  • Elevator cleup
  • Rolletes
  • Ajuste contactos
  • Corredera
  • Patines
  • Chain cleaning
  • Cabin jamb cleaning
  • Cabin door check
  • Lower movement check of doors (shoes)
  • Cabin door support check
  • Cabin upper and lower support check
  • Floor cleaning above the cabin
  • General chassis cleaning

Program 4

Machine room

/2 months
  • Elevator cleup
  • Control cleaning
  • Control connections, variable frequency drive connections and main braker connections check.
  • Brake contactor cleaning
  • Machine brake check
  • Micro regulator check
  • Bench stop
  • Machine cleaning
  • Oil level
  • Noise and temperature
  • General cleaning

Maintenance schedule


Conoce nuestra rutina de mantenimiento, dividida en 4 rutinas especiales donde se chequea y verifica las partes y mecanismos de tu ascensor.

Cronograma de mantenimiento
GOLD maintenance Schedule

Specialized maintenance

Expand your information on each of the maintenance routines

Mantenimiento de ascensores
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Frequent questions

What is the periodicity of maintenance?

We recommend that the equipment should be checked monthly, as the protection of all lift users (children, older adults, people with disabilities, among others) is guaranteed.

We give you our non-contractual civil liability policy, special policies require contact with a GOLD representative.

We have more than 40 years of experience in elevators and in the vertical industry, convincing us that we can help you be safer and reach higher.

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