NTC 5926-1 certification


What is the resolution 395?

The resolution 395 is a rule issued by the District Council through the 470 agreement of 2011; any vertical property has to make an annual certification.

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The fund for the prevention and attention of emergencies (FOPAE) is the entity in charge of carrying out the verification visits to all the establishments that have the service of the elevators; This organization will visit any vertical property each year.

How is it fulfilled?

The administrators and / or owners of vertical transport systems will be in charge of hiring the diagnostic service and the review of the operation of said systems with persons qualified and accredited by the ONAC.

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What documents and information should you have?

   The owners must submit a report to the FOPAE on incidents or emergencies that arise with the use of means of transport.

Media background

Situación y medidas correctivas previas.

Description of the situation

Date, time, location of affected persons, description of the incident, possible causes, participating entities and actions taken.

Records supporting the incident

Additional documents attached to support the situation presented with clear evidence about the events.

Information record

This record is used for each means of vertical transport, where evaluations and preventive and corrective maintenance carried out in each of the systems are kept.

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Documents that certify the inspection report in a visible place for the user.

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Maintenance history


Technical sheet of the means of transport

Use time

Maintenance plan

Incident documentation

Instructions for use

Conformity document

Attachment of NTC 5926-1



Description of insulation

In addition to said description, the signage and indication of alternative routes or means must be attached, which must be used during maintenance or revision operations.


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They must be present in a specific way to understand the incidents or accidents that occur with the use of vertical transport means.


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Annual general review

This must be done within the first three (3) months of each year.


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What is the Colombian technical standard NTC 5926-1?   

NTC 5926-1

It is a rule that establishes that inspections must be carried out in the presence and under the direction of an inspector from the inspection body and must be accompanied by a representative of the company responsible for the maintenance of the elevator, this will be in charge and responsible for carrying out the operations necessary.

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Learn more about the non-conformities inspected by the ONAC.

How are issues found on inspection scored?


Slight defect (L)

This is not a danger to people and does not affect the normal operation of the installation. In the case of 10 or more minor defects, it is considered a serious defect; In addition to this, the maximum term to correct minor defects is 180 days according to the calendar and a new inspection must be carried out.


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Serious defect (G)

Defects that do not pose an immediate danger to the safety of people, whose maximum repair period is 30 days according to the calendar and a new inspection must be carried out.


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Very serious defect (MG)

Defect that constitutes an imminent risk to people or may cause damage to the installation; These give rise to the opinion of non-compliance and the lift must be left out of service.

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What is the profile of a certifying technician?

Engineer, technician or technologist

Graduated in areas related to electricity and mechanics; with 2 demonstrable years of installation or maintenance of elevators.

High School Bachelor

With experience in installation or maintenance of lifts for a minimum of 5 years.

Knowledge of standard

Must have demonstrable knowledge of: NTC Standard - ISO / IEC 17020, this standard. 

Practical knowledge

Must have knowledge in: installation, maintenance of elevators, operation of equipment used in the measurement of quantities.

Interpretation and monitoring

Interpretation and monitoring of electrical diagrams.


Certificate in work of heights.


Safety regulations for electrical and mechanical work.


Ability to perform first aid tasks. 

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