Define what is the correct capacity for your elevator?

Find out what determines the correct capacity of your elevator.


The capacity of an elevator is determined by the traffic study of the building,  this determines all the elevator specifications (number of elevators, shaft measurements, elevator capacity, elevator speed, among others). Ascensores Gold offers programs and consultancies to carry out this type of study.

We recommend that this process be followed so that you can meet the transportation needs in the place where the elevator installation will take place.

It is important to know that the elevator is a car that is directed by several metal rails that are located inside the elevator shaft. The force to move the cabin inside the well can be provided by a motor, which by traction moves a cable attached to the cabin and a counterweight, or by a piston into which oil is injected under pressure, these systems have properties that are they must evaluate to make the appropriate choice in each case.

The aspects to consider in the traffic study are the dimensions of the building, the use of the built areas, and the profitability expected of it, among others.

There are various methods used to avoid being overweight in elevators, how to install weight sensing devices that sound an alarm when capacity is exceeded, and even not operate the elevator until the weight is within recommended limits.