Do you know how long an elevator has a useful life?

Know what factors must be taken into account so that your elevator lasts longer


When thinking about the durability of objects and tools, we must bear in mind that these are not forever. Therefore, it must be taken into account that the maintenance or change must be budgeted.

The elevators cannot be oblivious to this situation, therefore, when they reach their useful life, they must be changed.

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The useful life of an elevator ranges between 20 and 30 years, however the variable that determines it is the use and preventive maintenance that is done. Increasing or decreasing the performance of this and possible renewal or replacement of the same.

Good elevator care

Taking good care of your elevator is essential to guarantee optimal operation and a longer durability of your equipment.

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Periodic maintenance is based on an annual schedule, in which periodic preventive interventions or works are carried out, in which 4 types of routines are carried out on defined dates: the first deals with the lower elements of the elevator (pit, lower part and shaft ): the second focuses on maintaining the floors and guides of the elevator; the third focuses on the roof of the cabin, the operator and the doors; Finally, in routine 4, jobs are executed in the machine room. These routines and activities that are carried out in the elevator guaranteeing the durability and efficiency of all the components of the elevator.

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The maintenance of your elevator is something essential for its durability, since during these visits the maintenance contractor will ensure that there is a correct functionality and availability of your elevator. Protecting the life and integrity of those who use it, and in turn increasing the durability of the equipment by keeping it in good condition thanks to the revisions and the work carried out by certified maintenance technicians.

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