Have you ever wondered what guarantee you have for your elevator?

Do you know what guarantee your equipment has?

According to figures from El Tiempo in 2021 Colombia had more than 16,860,000 properties, of which 73.9% of these were urban properties. Going a little deeper into the time report, it can be seen that more than 8 million of these properties are classified as buildings (horizontal properties).

When you are the administrator, owner or builder of a building, the least you want is for the equipment to begin to wear out or break down. According to some estimates by La Republica in 2018, it was believed that there were more than 30,000 elevators in Bogotá alone, making these means of transportation essential tools for the more than 8 million inhabitants of the capital who use these devices daily. Currently there are different trends such as the increase in the population in urban centers; added to the displacement and migration of foreigners, causes for more and more people to come to cities in search of better opportunities, with elevators being allied means of transportation that make it easier and safer to move around buildings.

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Therefore, how insured is your elevator?

During the construction and development stage of your building, the construction firm had to hire a company that would guarantee the supply and installation of your elevator. In the same way, this company had to guarantee the builder a certain operating time, which ranges from one year or two years for companies such as Otis and Schindler, and the five-year guarantee offered by GOLD Ascensores.

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            As a guarantee of the equipment, the companies are covered by policies which are issued by insurance companies duly constituted in Colombia, in addition to this documentation, guarantees are provided through experiences and/or opinions, providing due assistance and security.

            Guarantees through documents

            Any guarantee or policy that your elevator has must be supported, otherwise it would be of no use to you in case something bad happens.

            The policies that all contracts must have are:

            In addition to the policies mentioned above, other general guarantees are also required, such as the non-contractual civil policy of each company, or special policies such as criminal guarantees.

            If you want to know in detail about this policy.

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            Experience Guarantees

            The vertical industry brings together different transport equipment such as elevators, escalators, ramps, chair lifts, among others. So what experience is important? When it comes to experience, it is important to see if this company has already executed similar projects near your building; in the same neighborhood, city or department; budget; the number of floors, elevator capacity and time.

            Not all companies approach and establish lasting relationships with their clients, therefore it is important that you know how to differentiate which company you are going to buy from in case you are a builder or verify which company your Construction Company developed your building with. 

            Guarantee in social networks and internet

            Technology has provided us with a number of opportunities to make things easier and decision making could not be an exception. Currently, social networks are valuable sources of information where people can comment, rate and review the products or services they use every day.

            GOLD Ascensores uses its social networks as an extension to communicate with its clients, showing new projects, trends in the industry and changes in regulations.

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            Warranty in service

            These are the services and/or assistance included in the guarantee of your equipment. These assists start the schedule and history of the installed lift. The time offered varies according to the company with which you purchased the equipment, however there is a range between 3 to 6 months. It is also important that you check the response and availability of emergency calls in your city, as companies handle different times depending on the location where you are.


            GOLD Ascensores has been strengthening its relationships with customers, offering an after-sales service located exclusively in the economic center of Colombia (Bogotá D.C.) and its surrounding municipalities. Guaranteeing that our equipment will always carry each user safely. Complemented by sending supporting documents; brand experience, interaction through social networks; and reliable service. Preventing you from suffering headaches by not knowing who can help you or respond when something happens to your elevator or vertical transport equipment.