Panoramic cabin

We explain what a panoramic cabin is and what its functionalities are.


The glazed panels with natural stainless to give the place a touch of elegance and avant-garde and are made of the highest quality materials, the possibility of the finishes with which they are installed is as wide as the environment requires, as well, various designs can be combined to achieve a unique and original style, which denotes elegance.

The glazed panels with natural stainless steel frames are combined with floors that can be integrated from high resistance rubbers to noble marbles and granites and stainless steel handrails.

The panoramic cabin allows you to see the environment from different perspectives, inside or outside the building. They are usually used in exterior elevators. The walls of our cabins are made of extra hard safety glass.

We will be collaborating and advising you from the study phase of each project to achieve an exclusive and elegant touch in the installation of your elevators, perfectly integrated into your environment and your needs. Gold Ascensores has installed cabins of this style in business centers and cities such as Bogotá, Cartagena, and Fusagasugá.

We offer different cabin shapes such as cubic, square and polygonal.

Odoo - Prueba 2 a tres columnas

Cabina panorámica circular

Esta cabina se integra perfectamente al diseño arquitectónico de tu edificio, permitiéndole a los pasajeros disfrutar el entorno y la vista panorámica de los alrededores.

Odoo - Prueba 3 a tres columnas

Cabina panorámica cuadrada

Puedes cambiar la parte posterior de tu ascensor por un vidrio panorámico el cual se integrará al diseño y fachada de tu edificio. Este diseño no pasará desapercibido.

Esta opción está disponible para ascensores con capacidad de 6 pasajeros.