Are you worried about the vibrations that your elevator has?

We present to you the 5 reasons why an elevator vibrates


In horizontal properties there are occasions that irregularly or constantly vibrations occur in the elevator. These vibrations can cause noise inside or outside the elevator structure. You may wonder what causes these vibrations or noises? Is this due to damage to your equipment?

The reasons why vibrations and noises occur in your elevator are:

  • Lack of elevator lubrication

The lack of lubrication of your elevator causes vibrations and noises, because not being well lubricated will produce greater friction between them. Another aspect to verify is the oil and its components, an adequate density and the absence of residues (dust and/or earth). By keeping track of the lubrication of your equipment, you will guarantee the correct operation of the gears and bearings, in this way you will avoid cost overruns for changing parts and providing optimal performance.

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  • Noises caused by vibrations in the elevator motor or machine

The breaking of bearings, wear of gears, deterioration of the brake bands and the absence or lack of these parts will cause vibrations in your lift. To solve this, the components must be replaced, in order to avoid damage to the other elements inside the machine, which would affect the operation of the equipment and therefore the safety of the people who use the elevator.

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  • Misalignment of shoes and jaws

Another reason why there are vibrations or noises in your elevator is the mismatch of the shoes, these elements are responsible for guaranteeing smooth and reliable travel, joining the elevator chassis with the guides or rails, being in constant movement wear out, misalign and unbalance. To solve the noise caused by these elements, it is necessary to check their status to adjust or change them.

The clamps are a safety mechanism, they are part of the elevator's parachute system. It is in charge of acting when the elevator identifies an excess of speed. These are located on the car and counterweight shoes; Sometimes the jaws can be out of adjustment, which could cause unusual noises to be heard or vibrations to be felt.

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  • Main drive damage

Sometimes there may be loose or broken connections in the main drive, located in the elevator machine room. When this happens there may be interference in the frequency, which would cause a bad operation of the machine by the variator; causing a poor regulation of the speed of rotation of the machines, for this reason there may be unusual vibrations or sounds in the elevator.

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Staying up to date with your annual maintenance schedule will prevent these types of situations where your equipment vibrates or makes strange noises. When you notice unusual sounds in your elevator, contact the company that performs the maintenance of your elevator, so that they send a technician who will carry out an inspection where it will be verified that it affects the elevator avoiding these risks that can happen noise to damage that affects the operation of the equipment.