Do you want to optimize the energy consumption of your lift?

We give you some tips to save energy in the building


Do you want to save energy in your building so that the energy bill does not come at a very high cost? If so, perhaps you should try to optimize the performance of the appliances connected to the building's electrical network, not only because this would help that your expenses are not higher, but also because this type of consumption is one of the most polluting, responsible for a large amount of the gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. Therefore, it all must contribute to caring for the environment.

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We offer you some tips so that there is no high energy consumption for your elevator:

Optimization of elevator use

One of the ways to reduce the energy consumption of your elevator is to optimize the use of your elevator; make responsible use of it and not exceed the capacity of the elevator, in this way the elevator will work regularly without exceeding its operation and improve the energy consumption of the equipment.

Savings in elevator lighting

You can optimize the elevator lighting by changing the conventional lighting of your equipment for LED lights that will save up to 80% in consumption. Since this does not emanate so much heat, its energy consumption is not as much as that of a light bulb that does.

Implementing motion detectors is an excellent way to save energy and allows the lights only to work when the equipment is in use.

Elevator Modernization

The modernization of your elevator is a very good option to achieve savings of up to 80% in electricity consumption.

Among the changes that are made when the elevator is modernized that can make the consumption of electrical energy more efficient, we find:

  • Incorporation of a frequency inverter that allows energy savings since, since it does not have losses in the rotor, it reduces the energy demand, making the initial investment pay off in a short time.

  • Replace the equipment control with an energy-saving operation that inhibits the function of the systems (including ventilation) when there are no calls. In addition, you will save energy costs by incorporating the latest technology in microcontrollers.

  • Changing the geared motor machine for gearless (without gear), whose engineering is based on a permanent magnet synchronous motor, makes your elevator achieve energy savings due to the lack of friction, which reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to a traditional traction machine.