Mantén tu ascensor con el mejor aspecto.

5 tips to keep my elevator like new.


In buildings, 90% of people use elevators to get around. Taking care of your elevator is something very important, which you guarantee with preventive maintenance and a strict cleaning plan for its appearance so that users feel comfortable on their trips. An elevator in optimal working condition is overshadowed if it does not have a pleasant presentation, this will cause distrust to the people who use it, quoting the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".

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1. Prevention of corrosion and care of the appearance of the cabin, doors and frames

To preserve your elevator in optimal conditions, you should try to follow the following instructions by the building maintenance staff:

Avoid throwing water down the elevator shaft when cleaning the floors, because shorts can occur, causing damage to the equipment.

  • Keep the hall and cabin hinges free of dirt, stones or elements that interrupt the free movement of the doors.

  • The doors and hall frames whose surface is electrostatically painted can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap, remember not to use too much water because it can cause damage to the equipment if it falls into the well.

  • Hall doors and frames whose surface is in stainless steel can be cleaned by moistening a cotton cloth in mineral oil (body) and always cleaning the surface in the direction of the original shine.

  • To clean the floors of the cabin, you must use a semi-damp mop, at no time should water be thrown in large quantities or use solvents or petroleum derivatives, these elements can loosen the floor finish or rust the sheet on which the car is installed. floor.

  • The decorative surface (formica, stainless steel or bronze), of the cloths inside the cabin should be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soap, do not use abrasive cleaners, strong detergents, sandpaper or soaps based on sand or pumice stone. .

  • When the decorative sheet (formica, stainless steel or bronze), is affected by crayon, shoe polish, ink, mercury, chrome or iodine, it can be cleaned with alcohol or common solvents.

  • Chemicals such as acids must not remain in contact with the decorative sheet (formica, stainless steel or bronze).

  • For special cleaning problems or special concerns about your equipment, contact our Maintenance Area or customer service.

2. Mirror maintenance

To clean the mirror(s) of your elevator use hot water, then with a damp cloth spread the water on the surface of the mirror. Be sure to dry all seams and edges, making sure no seam or edge remains wet for too long.

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  • Use acidic, alkaline, or abrasive cleaners to clean the mirror after installation.

  • These can attack the mirror surface, edges, and back paint.

  • Remove surface stains with a steel polishing pad, as these damage the edge and back of the mirror.

  • Spray cleaners directly onto a mirror, as cleaners will damage the edge and back of the mirror.

3. Mirror finish care, stainless steel and bronze

So that the parts of your elevator are kept in optimal conditions (clean, without rust and shiny), follow and ensure that the users of your elevator follow the following instructions:

If the surface has dust or particles, remove them first with a marker, then always clean with a dry cotton cloth in the direction of the original sanding or polishing.

4. Avoid

1.      Touch the surfaces of the cabin with your hands (grease and sweat oxidize the foil).

2.      Tap on the surface of the booth.

3.      Touch the surface with damp, rough or wet cloths, items.

4.      Use detergents to clean.

5.      Clean in circles.


5. Humidity

To prevent deterioration due to oxidation of your elevator due to the humidity present in the environment, periodic maintenance must be carried out following the following indications:

1.      Apply glitter metal with a soft foam.

2.      Let dry for a minute.

3.      Remove the shiny metal with a dry cotton cloth.

4.      Finally, always do this procedure in the direction of the original shine.



Properly following these tips you can guarantee that your elevator looks like new, you will take care of the appearance of your equipment; and you will keep it shiny and looking good for those who use it.