Who certifies my elevator in compliance with NTC 5926-1?

We show you which companies are endorsed to certify your elevator.


Companies that can issue the certification of compliance with NTC 5926-1 must be certified by ONAC and have their current certification.

In this link you can verify,  the companies that have current certification in NTC 5926-1.

When entering the link, search for:

  • Accreditation scheme: Inspection bodies (OIN).

  • Type of vertical transport: Vertical transport systems.

  • Status: Accredited.

It is important that before hiring any valid certifying body that the status of its accreditation is current and also that the company has coverage to carry out the inspection in the area where you are.

The elevator companies are not endorsed to carry out the certification because this has to be done by an outsourced inspection body, however, it is mandatory that the company that performs the periodic maintenance of your equipment is present at the time of the inspection and Accompany the certifying body throughout the testing process.

Ascensores Gold  works hand in hand with the most recognized certifying companies in Colombia such as Incol, Icontec, Servimeters, Oitec among others to provide certified jobs with excellent financing plans in record time.