Removals and lifts

Know why at the time of moving it is not appropriate to use your elevator


Moving will always represent a major change in life. Changing where you live means doing logistics (grouping, packing, moving and unpacking) before and after arriving at your new destination. Every day new buildings are built, and elevators are the most efficient means of transporting you in a building.

As with your belongings, when the day of the move arrives, you must make sure to take care of where you are going to move the elements. The elevators are one of those places where you will pass with your move, therefore you should know what damage can be caused if you are not careful, the damage that can occur is:

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Damage you could cause to the equipment:

  • Dents and scratches on the elevator cloth.

  • Cracks or broken mirrors.

  • Damage to the light band that manages the opening and closing of the doors.

What can you do to make sure everything goes well?
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Protocols for horizontal property freaking

The entry and exit of removals must be authorized, prior compliance with the following conditions:

  • The furniture must be previously disinfected.

  • The moving company must present a letter of authorization, indicating employee data and activity to be developed, and present the social security of each collaborator.

  • Only two logistics people will be allowed to enter.

  • You can also enter the owner or tenant of the property.

  • The administrator must arrange with the interested party the day and time of the move, in accordance with those established in the "Horizontal Property Regulations" and the "Co-ownership Coexistence Manual".

  • No more than one daily move may be made per block, tower or according to the distribution of co-ownership.

Moving permit

In recent years, moving permits have become a requirement, as the aim is to prevent tenants from escaping or theft. For this reason, in many buildings they began to request moving permits to enable elevators, accesses and other facilities for people who are leaving the horizontal property.

These moving permits are nothing more than a written authorization from the administration, after certifying that the payment of common expenses and other duties in the building are up to date. This is a good measure that can be taken to avoid problems. In the same way, we remind you that according to what the law establishes, the co-owner must be responsible for everything related to payments in the condominium, beyond the internal legal agreement that he has signed with the tenant.

What are the elements that help protect the elevator?

The protective canvas is a very important element that takes care of the cloths and mirrors of your elevator cabin when making a move, this will avoid scratches or fractures in the mirror that may be caused when carrying out this process.

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Another inconvenience that can occur is to interrupt the traffic of users who need to move around the building. Causing inconvenience and inconvenience to the inhabitants of the property since they could not move properly.