Vehicle lifts

We tell you about the operation of vehicle lifts.


Car lifts function in a similar way to passenger lifts, however their size and installation change so that they can support the size and weight of a car. These types of elevators are used in buildings that do not have enough space to make the transit of vehicles from one floor to another floor, for this reason, our partners optimize space with a car lift.

In Bogotá, there is a famous restaurant that has this innovative mechanism, “Coctel del mar”. GOLD Ascensores imported and installed a Car Lift that met the need to take the vehicles of all diners from the first floor to the second, third, and fourth floors.

This type of elevator works with electromechanical or hydraulic traction, most of them are installed with two pistons, one on each side, in order to guarantee stability and smoothness throughout the elevator's travel.

These classes of solutions are an option that generates added value to the establishment that uses them, because it provides comfort to the people who carry their vehicle, allowing better use of the spaces. If you have a space where this type of implement can work, at Gold Ascensores we advise you to choose the one that best suits your needs and space.

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