Why should I upgrade my elevator?

These are the reasons to modernize your elevator.


The elevator is an essential element in your property not only because it allows people to have the comfort of being transported vertically without much effort, but also because it is a quick solution that facilitates the movement of people with special needs (wheelchair, crutches, or walkers) or elderly people who find it difficult to climb stairs, so it is very important that owners and vertical property managers do not forget such an important mechanism.

Today many buildings have forgotten the importance of maintaining, renovating, or changing their elevator. That is why the Mayor's Office of Bogotá approved Agreement 470 of 2011 with which it is intended that the vertical transport equipment in Bogotá be periodically reviewed. In order to guarantee minimum safety conditions for all teams, these reviews began to be rigorously applied in 2015.

The decision to modernize your elevator should be generated for technical reasons that may be against your safety and that of other users, for this reason, they should also be periodically maintained, approximately once a month.

Although we recommend that if you are thinking about an elevator modernization it is necessary that you have personalized advice and a full study of the area in question,  however, here are some aspects to consider when it comes to elevator modernization:

  • You must modernize your elevator if it does not have infrared bands that prevent it from hitting or threatening the integrity of users.
  • If your elevator has more than 20 years of operation and requires additional repairs.
  • If the elevator does not work correctly or often has technical failures.
  • The machinery that makes up the elevator is too old or damaged.
  • If your elevator goes uneven upon reaching each floor.
  • The elevator makes strange noises when in operation.
  • The energy consumption of your property is too high and you suspect that it may be due to the elevator.

No more constant failures and repairs!

  1. Avoid delays when modernizing.

  2. By updating your elevator you avoid constant failures and pauses of your elevator, guarantee that your elevator is always available.

  3. Eliminate repairs out of your budget, by modernizing your elevator you will not require additional interventions in a long time, and you will save yourself headaches.

GOLD Ascensores, offers you the possibility of modernizing your elevator and personalized advice so that you can choose the option that best suits your needs and spaces.

Contact us now and we will guide you properly in all aspects related to maintenance and modernization of elevators.