How often is the elevator inspection done?

We let you know the periodicity of the elevator certification inspection.


The maintenance of your elevator is of vital importance for its proper functioning, that is why the owners and administrators are obliged to contract the maintenance of their elevators with a company authorized to perform this function, preferably the maintenance should be carried out on a monthly basis. , in order for us to quickly detect if there is any problem that may affect its operation and to be able to fix it at the right time, preserving the safety of users and preventing the useful life of your lift from deteriorating.

Within this maintenance, the company must ensure the agile and timely repair of any breakdown, an optimal long-term operation, in addition to reinforcing the security measures to avoid accidents.

Another reason why you should be up to date with your periodic reviews is that state entities are regularly inspecting that the elevators comply with the standards, generally, the inspections will be carried out in the following terms:

  • Elevators of industrial buildings and public places: Every year.

  • Elevators installed in large buildings: Every year.

  • Elevators installed in small buildings (less than 20 residences): Every year.

This is an estimate of the times in which the competent entities carry out the visits, however, you may receive an unexpected visit, so you should always be prepared.

Upon receiving the visit of the FOPAE (fund for prevention and emergency care) you must have the following documents:

1. Certification: have certification in a visible place for the lift user.

2. Maintenance history:

  • Technical sheet of the means of transport.

  • Use time

  • Maintenance plan

  • Incident documentation.

  • Instructions for use, warnings and precautions.

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance contract.

The periodic reviews are not the only ones involved in the maintenance of the elevators, because sometimes the damage of the elevator occurs unexpectedly at any time of the day, these malfunctions can occur due to electrical shorts or wear of any part That is why the company in charge of maintaining your elevator must have a 24-hour service every day of the week.

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