How often should I maintain my elevator?

We tell you the advisable maintenance schedule for your elevator.


"Nobody knows what they have until they lose it", the case of elevators could not be more precise to illustrate this quote.

Today we use elevators more than stairs, the reasons for this change in behavior are many, they are safer, easier and faster. 

In our apartments, shopping centers, and workplaces we take for granted many facilities and circumstances that allow us to continue with our activities.

An example of these facilities are the elevators and their 24/7 service, few moments can be as uncomfortable as arriving home, after a day of work and shopping at the supermarket, and not finding your elevator working. At that time we assess the importance of your elevator is always available.

The performance of your equipment and its availability depends directly on the number of visits made to the elevator, hence the secret for the availability of the elevators and the preventive maintenance of your elevator.

If you make more revisions to your elevator and maintenances, you can have a better guarantee of its operation and availability of the elevator you use. 1. Check if the lift has already been certified.

How often should you do maintenance on your elevator?

As the availability of your elevator depends directly on the frequency of maintenance at GOLD Ascensores, we have developed preventive maintenance plans that guarantee up to 99% of the annual availability of your elevator. In other words, your elevator may have between 0 - 3 calls per lock per year.

In conclusion, the maintenance of your elevator must be carried out monthly, elevator companies have monthly maintenance plans that ensure a maintenance routine that addresses the monthly general lift check and the execution of specific equipment checks.

Always remember that maintenance must be carried out by a company with qualified and insured technicians, with guarantees and policies that ensure their activities and with the quality and compliance you need to be calm, that every time a person (child, adult, a person with a disability, ext.) use the elevator have the confidence of always reaching your destination.

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